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Third Space: Disordering the Mess. Practicing strategies of togetherness


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Fresh perspectives, offbeat angles of view, unwonted ways of seeing things, and perhaps the occasional flash of insight—welcome to “Third Space: Disordering the Mess,” an artistic-educational project that teams up with artists and activists from the urban community to invite the public to the Lenbachhaus’s garden. Enjoy the summer afternoon and a freshly brewed cup of tea as you engage with a series of select notes, observations, questions, and fragments that comment on art while also prompting reflections on our world: Which art draws global attention? How does the prevailing order of things inform our understanding of art? And why is drinking tea still not recognized for what it is—the highest form of art? If you’ve always—or if you’ve never—asked yourselves questions like these, pour yourself some tea and join us.

The siblings Tuğba & Tunay Önder develop performative formats that wrestle with the realities of the post-migrant society and change them. They are part of the blog project “migrantenstadl,” established by Tunay Önder and Imad Mustafa in 2010 as a virtual playroom for marginalized (hi)stories, which has grown into an archive and breeding ground for the development of curatorial, performative, and journalistic formats.

With DJ Ü

As part of the 5th Kunstareal-Fest