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What does Munich sound like? The sound installation “Sonic Synchronicity” will premiere on July 21, orchestrating acoustic impressions from all over the city for a symphony of the senses. The creatives of the sound art collective DAF will record individual sonic impulses that catch their attention, remix them in real time, and replay them in condensed form in the Lenbachhaus’s garden. The city’s collective body of sound will unfold, while the question of authorship will remain open. With their performance, the artists will invite the audience to experience an acoustic simultaneity of multiple perspectives and discover the fragility of urban soundscapes.

DAF (Dynamische Akustische Forschung) is a collective of current and former students at the Nuremberg and Munich Academies of Fine Art that grew out of the class taught by the sound artist Jan St. Werner (Mouse on Mars). DAF’s work is dedicated to the production of sound art, performative formats, and the broad spectrum of acoustic perception and its interaction with other arts (

With support from Musikfonds e.V.

As part of the 5th Kunstareal-Fest


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