Eva Margarete Lückenhaus Foundation

The Eva Margarete Lückenhaus-Stiftung was incorporated on September 30, 2020, and going forward will support the Lenbachhaus in its efforts to acquire works of art, design and implement art education programs, and produce exhibitions.

Eva Margarete Lückenhaus passed away in Berlin on June 5, 2016. She lived in Munich and Berlin and was an avid art collector and loyal friend of Munich's art museums. She was especially fond of the Lenbachhaus's collections and exhibitions. That is why, to our great delight, in drawing up her will, she chose to appoint the State Capital of Munich as one of her heirs, on the sole condition that the assets bequeathed to the city would be used exclusively to benefit the Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus.

The purpose of the Eva Margarete Lückenhaus-Stiftung encompasses the acquisition of works of art and the realization of exhibition projects, art education programs, and publications in three divisions of the collections: the art of the nineteenth century, the New Objectivity, and classical modernism.

We are profound honored by and most grateful for Eva Margarete Lückenhaus's dedication to our museum, which testifies to the deep affection local audiences have for the programming and collections of the Lenbachhaus. The establishment of her foundation also illustrates that Munich's citizens can entrust the State Capital of Munich as the fiduciary of their bequests. At this time of ever-tighter public budgets, Lückenhaus's generosity will help us remain flexible in our work. We also regard the establishment of her foundation as an outstanding contemporary example of the longstanding and admirable tradition of civic engagement for the Lenbachhaus.

We will always remember the late Eva Margarete Lückenhaus with profound gratitude and honor her memory.

Immediately upon incorporation, the foundation completed its first acquisition: the painting "Waldphantasie" ("Forest Fantasy") from the year 1928 by Elisabeth Epstein.

Elisabeth Iwanowna Epstein
Waldphantasie (Forest Fantasy), 1928
Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau München, Acquisition 2021
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