Sharing and adapting

We strive for maximum transparency concerning the complex legal issues surrounding the Collection Online and the possible uses to be made of the materials provided in it. Photographic reproductions of works of art are primarily governed by two sets of legal norms: authors' rights and image rights. Authors are natural persons, typically artists or writers, who produce works that meet the "intellectual creation threshold." When a work is reproduced in a photograph, the photographer acquires image rights.

Works are in the public domain when their authors have been dead for at least seventy years. We have decided not to place new legal restrictions on these works and publish them under the Creative Commons License CC0 1.0. You may use these images without asking us for permission. You may download, share, copy, distribute, and use them (for scholarly, educational, publishing, and other, including commercial, purposes), or edit, modify, and build on them. We would appreciate it if you mentioned the source (the museum) and provided information on the author, included a link to the license, and indicated whether you made any alterations to the image. Any dissemination of the material on your part should be governed by the same conditions: if you remix, modify, or otherwise directly build on it, you should publish your work under the same license that applied to the original without stipulating additional restrictions or imposing them through technical devices.

By contrast, many works, including, typically, works of contemporary art by living artists and artists who have been dead for less than seventy years, are not in the public domain. We have diligently investigated and ascertained the copyright situation of any such work before including it in our Collection Online. In some cases, the authors have delegated the exercise of their rights to VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, which advises on which uses you may make of the material, determines the applicable royalty, and issues the required authorization. Information on the right holders is always displayed directly below the images.

You must request and receive permission from the Lenbachhaus prior to using these images, as well as to receive high-resolution images in the .tiff format that you may need, e.g., for larger reproductions. In such instances, please contact us at repro-lenbachhaus(at) The reproduction authorization covers the photograph we provide; please contact the right holders identified in the caption to request permission to use the work.
When using images published under a CC license, we ask you to take the following recommendations, which are based on Europeana's "Public Domain Usage Guidelines," into consideration.

If you use images, we ask that you include correct identifying data on the work and a reference to the source from which you obtained it even if you edit or modify the material. To make this easier for you, we provide an example credit line for each object.

Please show respect for the original and do not use it in an unlawful or misleading context. If you edit or modify an image, please clearly indicate that you have altered the original. If the work contains culturally sensitive elements, please handle them judiciously. Your alteration or use of such elements might be perceived as offensive or derogatory by other communities or cultures.

If you edit an image, do not attribute your alterations to the artist who created the original or to the museum. The artist’s name and the museum’s logo must not be used to mark the altered work without appropriate permission. Please do not create the impression that your use, editing, or dissemination of the material was endorsed or specifically supported by the Lenbachhaus.

Sharing knowledge
If you have additional information, e.g., on the artist, a specific work of art, its provenance, or any right holders, please share your knowledge with us and other users. Please send us such information at lenbachhaus(at)

Copyright marks
Never remove the license marks from a work or disseminate misleading information on its origin, the artist, any right holders, or its copyright status.