Florine Stettheimer

Florine Stettheimer

Andy Warhol loved her art, and Marcel Duchamp organized her retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art: the artist Florine Stettheimer (1871–1944) was one of the most intriguing figures in New York’s vibrant arts scene during the first half of the twentieth century.

Her pictures and poems, her designs for studios and stages constitute a modern synthesis of the arts and a chronicle of urban life. Stettheimer painted beauty contests and the revelries of celebrities, skyscrapers, Wall Street, and consumer culture, anticipating many of the interests that would later animate Pop Art. Her oeuvre is a source of inspiration for some of the most fascinating artists working today.

We are delighted to present Florine Stettheimer’s work in a major show at the Lenbachhaus Kunstbau, the first solo exhibition of her art outside the United States.

The exhibition features a representative selection of major paintings made after 1915 that exemplify her mature signature style. A second focus is on her creations for the stage: numerous drawings, maquettes, and figurines illustrate her vision for the ballet »Orphée of the Quatz’z’Arts« and the opera »Four Saints in Three Acts«. The artist Nick Mauss dedicates a space to Stettheimer’s poetry. As the artist herself never showed her paintings in a white cube, the stage designer Kathrin Frosch was brought in to create an exhibition setting inspired by Stettheimer’s art of the theatrical interior.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue, 34 € at the museumsshop, 39,50 € at the commercial book - trade.

Columbia University in the City of New York supports the exhibition as a major lender.

The exhibition is made possible through support from the Terra Foundation for American Art.

It is held under the auspices of the United States Consulate General in Munich.