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Cultural institutions in Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden, and many other cities and German states have joined the alliance DIE VIELEN (THE MANY). At a press conference on February 1, 2019, numerous institutions all over Bavaria followed suit, adopting their own resolution. In this Bavarian DECLARATION OF THE MANY, the initial signatories announced two "Splendid Demonstrations" for a "EUROPE OF THE MANY." The events, which were held in Nuremberg and Munich on May 19, 2019, as part of a nationwide series of rallies, championed the beauty of diversity.
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The Lenbachhaus is among the initial signatories and supports the alliance of THE MANY. Our program reflects the rich diversity of our society and encourages an engagement with themes such as dialogue, freedom, pluralism, and equality. We are committed to being open to all people regardless of their national origin, skin color, religion, gender, or worldview.

Mission Statement

The Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus and the Kunstbau are the exhibition venues of an internationally renowned municipal museum in Munich that brings the presentation of art and the discourse around it together in a fruitful and distinctive synthesis.

The Lenbachhaus collects, conserves, studies, and presents the art of the nineteenth century, the Blauer Reiter, the New Objectivity, aswell as international contemporary art.

Its collecting activities and exhibition programming are closely coordinated and complement each other. They keep art lovers in Munich as well as international audiences abreast of major developments in the arts. The Lenbachhaus prioritizes novel and moving creative expressions over generally accepted positions. It seeks to arrange the works in its collections in forever new groups, bringing out unexpected interactions and trying out different forms of presentation while implementing an exhibition program that draws its energies from the dynamic dialogue between the new and contemporary and the solid historic foundation on which the collection rests.

Munich has always been a major center for the arts and art-historical developments. One element of the Lenbachhaus’s mission is to identify, nourish, and present innovative trends.

Introducing broad and diverse audiences to art is an increasingly important part of what we do. Helping our visitors appreciate and engage with the art we display is no less central to our work than the classical mission of the museum.

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