Alexej Jawlensky (fall of 2006)

In collaboration with the Doerner-Institut of the Bavarian State Picture Collections, the Lenbachhaus studies the pigments, binders, and cardboard supports of selected paintings by Alexej Jawlensky to gain insight into his painting technique and materials. The project is supported by the Gabriele Henkel Foundation, Düsseldorf.

Fischer, Ulrike, Stege, Heike, Oggenfuss, Daniel, Tilenschi, Cornelia, Willisch, Susanne und Winkelmeyer, Iris: „...I came to understand how to translate nature into colour according to the fire in my soul“: Alexej Jawlensky's painting technique in his munich oeuvre. In: The object in context: crossing conservation boundaries. Contributions to the Munich Congress 28 August – 1 September 2006, Editors David Saunders, Joyce H. Townsend and Sally Woodcock, London 2006, S. 49Ff