Where do I find the coat check?
The coat check is downstairs in the Lenbachhaus’s basement; a second coat check is located inside the Kunstbau.

Is there a coat check fee?
The coat check is free of charge.

Are there any lockers?
Coin-operated lockers may be found in the Lenbachhaus next to the coat check and beneath the ramp inside the Kunstbau.

Can I take my backpack/umbrella into the museum?
We kindly ask you to leave coats, umbrellas, canes, large bags and backpacks at the coat checks in the Lenbachhaus’s basement or in the Kunstbau.

Can I take a stroller into the museum?
Strollers may be taken into the museum.

Do you offer folding chairs?
Some galleries are equipped with seating furniture. We don’t offer folding chairs, but we will be happy to provide you with a wheelchair or wheeled walker upon request.

Is the museum handicap-accessible? What about visitors in wheelchairs?
The museum is fully accessible. Please visit our website for detailed information.

Can I borrow a wheelchair?
Yes. Please visit our website for detailed information.

Can I take an animal into the museum?
Seeing-eye dogs may be taken into the Lenbachhaus. No other dogs or animals are allowed inside the museum.

Can I take pictures inside the museum?
Yes, you may take photographs for private purposes. But please do not use a flashlight or other professional equipment such as a tripod. No photography of any kind is permitted in special exhibitions.

Is sketching permitted inside the museum?
You may sketch using pencils and crayons only.

Do you have a museum plan to help me find my way through the building?
Museum plans are available at the Lenbachhaus’s cash desk or you can dowload the our floor plan here. Pick up brochures with more information on our current exhibitions are available in the museum lobby.

Are there any dining options at the restaurant?
Yes. The restaurant and café ELLA is located directly adjoining the museum. Please visit our website for more information.

I’ve lost something at the museum. Whom do I approach?
If you’ve lost something during your visit to the museum, please contact our lost-and-found office here.

Where can I buy posters and catalogues related to specific exhibitions and artists?
For a large selection of posters and catalogues, visit the Buchhandlung Walther König bookstore inside the Lenbachhaus. Many items are also available through the Lenbachhaus’s online store.