How and where do I make arrangements for a group visit?
Please register your group in advance by contacting München Ticket or using our registration form.

We’re just a small group of people. Do we have to register?
If you are a group of six or more, we ask you to register in advance using our registration form here.

What is the maximum size for a group?
Groups are limited to a maximum of 20 visitors.

How much is the registration fee?
The group registration fee is € 5.

Is there a designated meeting spot for groups?
Yes, groups are asked to meet beneath the canopy to the left of the Lenbachhaus’s main entrance.

Can the Lenbachhaus help me secure the services of a guide?
Yes, we will be happy to help you hire an expert guide for your private group. Our guides offer tours in German, English, Italian, Spanish, French, and Russian. Please see here for more information.

Can we bring our own guide?
Of course you may bring your own guide. Please just make sure to register your visit in advance by filling out our form here.

Will we have to use headsets?
Headsets are available for groups of five or more, and obligatory for groups of eight or more. Please be prepared to provide some form of identification as security. Headsets are issued at the group cash desk in the Lenbachhaus for a maximum period of 1.5 hours. Groups are free to bring their own headset equipment.

What are these headsets anyway?
Headsets are microphone-and-earphone systems all guided tour groups in the Lenbachhaus are obliged to use. The explanations of the guide, who wears a headset equipped with a microphone, are transmitted directly to all members of the group to ensure that everyone understands every word.

Does the Lenbachhaus offer public guided tours?
As a special service to our visitors, we offer guided survey tours of the Lenbachhaus on a regular schedule. Please see here for dates and more information. Additional information on our guided tours and other events may also be found in the event calendar on our website.

Do you offer guided tours in sign language?
Unfortunately, we don’t currently offer such tours.

Are there special tours for children, teenagers, or families?
WAS TUN! our art education program includes regular scheduled tours, project weeks, and workshops for children, teenagers, and families. Private guided tours for families may also be arranged upon request. Please see here for more information on our current program.

Can I visit the museum with a school group? How much will that cost?
School groups may visit the museum both during our regular hours and at other times upon arrangement. Please contact us in advance to register your group’s visit  here and make sure to enter your group into our visitors’ book. Students enrolled in courses of compulsory education and up to two teachers accompanying them are eligible for free admission. Please see here for more information.

Does the Lenbachhaus offer guided tours for school groups?
Both the Lenbachhaus and the Museumspädagogisches Zentrum offer guided tours for school groups. Please see here for more information.

Can our school group hold a picnic at the Lenbachhaus?
If you’ve booked a guided tour followed by hands-on work in our studio, you can have your picnic in the studio. School groups that don’t use our studio are free to hold a picnic in the garden.

Do you provide audio guides?
Yes. Audio guides are issued with your tickets and are available for the duration of your visit.

How much is the audio guide?
Audio guides are included the ticket price.

In which languages are audio guides available?
Audio guides are available in German and English.