When a picture breaks the mold … and the characters end up on stage!

Sat, July 13 and Sun, July 14, 2019, 12am–5.30pm

As part of the Kunstareal-Fest, the puppet theater takes place in the idyllic garden of the artist's villa in the Lenbachhaus.

An eye in danger? Fingers the shape of pencils! Green heads? And to whom does that yellow hand actually belong? What are the secret mysteries that loom in the Lenbachhaus's paintings? And how did the museum come by these works?

These are the questions and stories we explore in our puppet theater workshop, and this summer it'll be all about the museum's collection and the exhibition of BODY CHECK. Martin KippenbergerMaria Lassnig. Each project day will be dedicated to a different work. We ask our own questions and tell new stories we present on the stage. We build and paint puppets and set decorations and then turn our story about the selected work of art into a live performance.

Performances are held at 5pm in the garden. Admission to the performances is free for all parents, friends, and other spectators.

Conception and realization: Mirja Reuter and Florian Gass in collaboration with the Lenbachhaus’s art education specialists
For children and teenagers from age 7 to 14
Admission and participation in the puppet theater is free during the Kunstareal-Fest.

The puppet theater workshop takes also place during the summer holidays from August 1 to 25.


Program for seniors
Sat, July 13, 2019, 10am

Admission and participation in the Salon Franz at Lenbachhaus is free during the Kunstareal-Fest.
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PLEASE NOTE: All art education program only in German.