The FÖRDERVEREIN LENBACHHAUS E. V. and its collection

Important items in the Lenbachhaus’s collection were contributed by the Förderverein, whose wide range of activities in support of the museum includes financial assistance for the purchase of additions to the collections. In 1992, Deutsche Bank established a foundation to benefit the Lenbachhaus, the Jubiläumsstiftung der Deutsche Bank AG, and in 1993, the Förderverein Lenbachhaus e.V. was created. Both seek to strengthen the identification of Munich’s citizenry and business community with the Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus. The foundation and the Förderverein work to improve the Lenbachhaus’s presentation facilities and lend financial support to its efforts to expand its collections. They have been especially committed to the innovative lighting design based on LED technology in the New Lenbachhaus.
The Förderverein’s collection is on permanent loan to the Lenbachhaus, where it enriches the museum’s own holdings. Its focus is on international contemporary art and on works revolving around the theme of light. The Förderverein also provides grants for the realization of exhibitions and the production of publications. Last but not least, individual members of the Förderverein have given particularly generous assistance to the Lenbachhaus’s services for our young visitors, defraying the expenses associated with opening the museum to student groups outside regular hours and sponsoring art education programs especially designed for children.


Public guided tours
several times a day
Alexej von Jawlensky and Marianne von Werefkin

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