Culture in all its manifestations is an important element of our society. The evolution of the one is closely interwoven with developments in the other. Today, we can no longer rely on the public sector to maintain a vibrant cultural life. As many states and municipalities have been compelled to shift resources toward other important spending objectives, they find it difficult to live up to their cultural commitments. So the private sector must do its part to preserve our wealth of cultural opportunities.
In 1992, on the occasion of its one-hundredth anniversary, Deutsche Bank established a foundation to benefit the Lenbachhaus, with an initial endowment of DM 750 000. A year later, the energetic initiative of Dr. Soltmann, then president of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Munich and Upper Bavaria, Dr. Reinhard Wieczorek, head of the Munich Department of Labor and Economic Development, and Dr. Michael Endres, member of the management board of Deutsche Bank, led to the creation of the Förderverein Lenbachhaus e.V., the Society of the Friends of the Lenbachhaus. The initiators saw an opportunity to create close and lasting ties between Munich-based businesses as well as private patrons and a municipal cultural institution.
The foundation and the Förderverein work to help the Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus present its treasures in the best light by improving its facilities and to expand its collections. The Förderverein also expects to provide grants for the realization of exhibitions and the production of publications. Needless to say, all activities of the Förderverein serve its nonprofit purpose, and so all donations are tax-deductible.



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Alexej von Jawlensky and Marianne von Werefkin

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