Works acquired by the Förderverein on permanent loan to the Lenbachhaus

Neon installation “Untitled (for Virginia Dwan),” 1971, by Dan Flavin (1933–1996)
Neon sculpture “Cubo di luce,” 1959, by Lucio Fontana (1899–1968)
Light installation “Time Go Round,” 1996, by Tatsuo Miyajima (b. 1957)
Painted plaster figure “Halbfigur,” 1982, by John Ahearn (b. 1954)
Drawing (carbon black on preprimed canvas) “Dominospieler,” 1991, by Jiri Georg Dokoupil (b. 1954)
Installation with 108 shattered colored glass bottles “Alles Flaschen,” 1992/2000, by Olaf Metzel (b. 1952)
Light installation “Untitled,” 1968, by Keith Sonnier (b. 1941)
Installation “Aprèslude,” 2001, by Alexandra Ranner (b. 1967)
Installation “Ventilator,” 2000, by Alexandra Ranner (b. 1967)
Space sculpture “Das Labyrinth in meinem Kopf …,” 2001, by Stephan Huber (b. 1952)
Glass installation “4 stehende Scheiben,” 2002, by Gerhard Richter (b. 1932)
C-print “Kabine,” 2002, by Thomas Demand (b. 1964)
Cibachrome “Rede,” 1988, by Dietmar Tanterl (b. 1952)
Painting “E 54,” 1948, by Rupprecht Geiger (1908–2009)
Sculpture “Das Schweigen,” five film reels, after the Ingmar Bergman film of the same title, 1973, by Joseph Beuys (1921–1986)
Italian Murano glass chandelier “‘La Monnaie vivante’ by Pierre Klossowski (1970),” by Cerith Wyn Evans (b. 1958)
Large space sculpture “Gelb—Weiß—Schwarz,” 1956 (50% share), by Norbert Kricke (1922–1984)
“es geht nicht um dich,” 2008, by Seb Koberstädt (b. 1977)
1 LED light prototype (for the development of LED lighting in the redesigned Lenbachhaus), LED light, and 1:4 scale model of one suite of rooms, 2010, by Dietmar Tanterl (b. 1956)

works donated to the Förderverein by its members and on permanent loan to the Lenbachhaus

2 photographic series by Christopher Williams (b. 1956)
1 photographic work “Gelbe Tulpen,” 1998, by Michael Wesely (b. 1963)
Painting “Nachtlandschaft,” 1972, by Helmut Pfeuffer (b. 1933)
Painting “Landschaft mit aufbrechender Wolke,” 1976, by Helmut Pfeuffer (b. 1933)
Five-color silkscreen print “Joseph Beuys in Memoriam,” 1986, by Andy Warhol (1928–1987)
Painting “Hinundherbert nimmt der Frauenkirche eine Narrenscheibe und verschwindet im Firmament,” 1991, by Herbert Achternbusch (b. 1938)
Photograph “Battersea Power Station, XXV: July 29, 2004,” 2004, by Vera Lutter (b. 1960)

Works acquired by the Lenbachhaus with financial assistance from the Förderverein

Cycle of works “ATLAS” by Gerhard Richter (b. 1932)
Sculpture “o.T.,” 1991, by Nikolaus Gerhart (b. 1944)
Installation “vor dem Aufbruch aus Lager I,” 1970/1980, by Joseph Beuys (1921–1986)

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