Kalas Liebfried: "Ports in Transition"

Radio-Activity. Collective Approaches to Art and Politics

Wed, July 22, 2020, 7pm–9pm

Preparatory sketch by the artist © Kalas Liebfried

22.07.2020 19:00

The sound piece "Ports in Transition" explores the acoustic landscapes of the Mediterranean. A central point of reference is a field recording of ship horns at the port of Piraeus: on Epiphany, the ships make their horns sound at the same time. This field recording is used for sampling and as a source signal for modular synthesizers and translated into a score for a wind quartet.

In a performative live version of the sound piece, the Lenbachhaus's garden is defined as an open field of sending and receiving. Members of the audience can become involved as accomplices of the performance: equipped with instruction manuals and walkie-talkies, they can send signals to a monumental guitar amplifier sculpture and become a formative part of the performance.

Commissioned by the Goethe Institute Athens and the Onassis Foundation, the sound piece premiered at the festival "Movement 1920–2020" (Onassis Stegi, Athens).

Performance by
Kalas Liebfried feat. Jonas Yamer and accomplices

Sound piece (recording sessions)
Kalas Liebfried | conception, composition, production, synthesizer
Lobo | production, mixing, mastering
Ralph Heidel | arrangement, alto saxophone, bass clarinet
Jonas Yamer | bass guitar, electronics
Bastien Rieser | trumpet, flugelhorn
Philip Hutter | modular synthesizer system


Kalas Liebfried: "Ports in Transition" – Trailer