Reading (in German)

A Commentary on "Vai Pure" by Carla Lonzi

Reading by Karolin Meunier with Lisa Jeschke

Tue, July 14, 2020, 7pm–9pm

14.07.2020 19:00

The reading is based on the transcripts of a series of conversations initiated by the artist Karolin Meunier. Its point of departure is a dialogue between the Italian art critic and feminist Carla Lonzi and her partner Pietro Consagra that was published in book form under the title "Vai Pure" ("Now You Can Go") in 1980. The dialogue has not been translated into English or German.

Meunier and her various interlocutors chart inroads into Lonzi's text, producing a dialogical translation. The text undergoes a gradual transformation in the process as the conversations reflect on particular expressions and idiomatic phrases, the historic context, and the participants’ own understandings of art, productivity, recognition, and contemporary feminism.

As part of the exhibition "Radio-Activity. Collective Approaches to Art and Politics," the artist and the lyric poet Lisa Jeschke read selected passages.