Third Space
Disordering the Mess

"Third Space: Disordering the Mess" is an artistic-pedagogical initiative founded as part of the project "Group Dynamics. Collectives of the Modernist Period" at the Lenbachhaus. The "Third Space" is conceived as a bridging and mediation channel between communities of struggle—members of the urban community who are excluded by certain experiences of discrimination—and the museum as a public cultural space. The initiative's focus lies on connecting the museum to the lives and active communities around it—with special attention to their social and critical perspectives.

Associated with an art institution, "Third Space: Disordering the Mess" sees itself as an opportunity to be critical and welcome people and communities. Its intention is to facilitate practices of listening and conversations that can accommodate discomfort and conflict as part of a learning process—whether with groups of people from inside or outside the museum. In disagreement with structures as they are, "Third Space: Disordering the Mess" seeks to rearrange them and be open to wider possibilities.

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Activities like creative interventions, performances, roundtable discussions, tea dates, or informal comments are no less central to the project than lectures, interviews, and participating in or conducting a workshop. In a world in which collaboration between art institutions and grassroots groups often reproduces unfair and unequal relations (e.g., by resulting in the appropriation of knowledge or practices), "Third Space: Disordering the Mess" wonders if and how such collaboration needs to be organized differently.

Clara Laila Abid Alsstar (art educator, Lenbachhaus), Raphael Daibert (independent curator*, researcher*, and artist*), Claudia Lercher (cultural scholar, diversity & anti-bias trainer, and photo designer), and Mako Sangmongkhon (artist*, activist*, independent art educator*, and member of the programming committee, FLORIDA Lothringer 13) have begun meeting to pool their expertise and discuss frameworks for how they can work together as a team and, more importantly, with others.

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