Jeppe Hein

Space in Action / Action in Space July 17, 2021 – October 3, 2021

Jeppe Hein's water pavilion is equipped with sensors that lets it respond to pedestrians in its vicinity. When they approach the circular wall of water, some of the jets are switched off, creating a passage into the pavilion's interior. Once the visitors are safely inside, the walls close again, screening them off from the traffic on the public plaza and the streets. The effect prompts an unexpected shift in how they perceive the site.

The relationship between the individual and his or her environment and the psychology of how we respond to changes in our surroundings are central concerns in the Danish artist Jeppe Hein's (b. 1974) creative practice. His interactive constructions, which expand the bounds of art into the domain of architecture, are experimental explorations of the fluctuating boundaries between spatial and social parameters such as inside and outside, private and public, integration and exclusion. Although the formal economy of Hein's installations is recognizably inspired by aspects of minimalist sculpture, he is not narrowly focused on literal representation, instead working to produce an immersive environment in which functionalism and design are fused with the viewer's embodied experience.

Hein's interactive water pavilion "Space in Action / Action in Space" was acquired for the museum in 2002 with the support of the Jubiläumsstiftung der Deutschen Bank and will be reinstalled in 2021.