Kollektiv Crèmbach

Kollektiv Crèmbach gives a voice to young people in the Munich art scene. Based at the Lenbachhaus it strives to create a democratic museum. Going from this idea, Kollektiv Crèmbach wants to create a space for networks, plurality and own proprietary creation.

Kollektiv Crèmbach is:

Moritz Bäuerle
Rafiou Bayor
Isabella Bilan
Lana Durner
Nils Durner
Marie Glöckner
Fiona Herrmann
Josefine Höck
Flora Komarek
Cheyenne Leonhard
Johanna Lindauer

Carlotta Linke
Magdalena Loeschke
Carina Lößl
Sabrina Lößl
Isaac Martínez
Sabrina Gill
Jessica Rudorf
Mira Stengel
Lina Teichmann
Josephine Zacher

Nationwide network of youth committees

Together with Achtet Alis MB (Berlin), JuGroBa (Berlin), Futur III (Dresden) and the Schattenmuseum (Berlin), Kollektiv Crèmbach forms the nationwide network of youth committees at exhibition venues.

Are you interested in founding a youth committee yourself? Jugendgremien.org will be the new digital platform where you can get to know the four committees and learn about their work at the art institutions. Click through the demo version and subscribe to our newsletter (German)!

Kollektiv Crèmbach collaborates with:

Lion Bischof
Stephanie Marie Cedeño
Simone Ganserer
Florian Gass
Ruth Hahn
K Hybrid
Annalisa Kaiser

Lisa Nguyen
Mira Mann
Tim Petersen
Anne Schwarzelt
Cashmere Radio
Mirja Reuter
Groupe Smirage
DJ Spiderman
Frauke Zabel




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