Getting to the Lenbachhaus

How do I get to the Lenbachhaus?
By subway (U-Bahn), commuter trGettain (S-Bahn), bus, bicycle, on foot, or by car. Please find a map of the neighborhood here.

Can I find parking?
Two parking spots reserved for visitors with disabilities are located on Luisenstraße. Please see here for additional information.


Mon: closed
Tue – Sun and on public holidays: 10am – 6pm
Thurs: 10am–8pm

Any changes and the opening hours of our bookstore or restaurant can be found here.


How much is admission to the Lenbachhaus?
Regular: € 10
Reduced: € 5
Audio guide (in German and English) included.

Where can I buy tickets?
You can buy tickets to the Lenbachhaus at the cash desk inside the museum or online.

Does the Lenbachhaus offer reduced admission?
Yes, it does. Please see here for details on eligibility.

Who gets in for free?
Please see here for details on who is eligible for free admission.

Do you offer group discounts?

Do you offer “1-Euro” admissions on Sundays, like the Pinakotheken and other museums?
No. Please see here for all available discounts.

Are there parts of the museum I can visit without paying admission?
The Buchhandlung Walther König bookshop and the garden are accessible to visitors without tickets.

Annual Pass

Is there an annual pass? Where can I get one?
Yes, annual passes are available for € 20 (reduced € 10) at the Lenbachhaus’s cash desk or online.

How long will my annual pass be valid?
Annual passes are valid for 12 months starting on a date of your choice.

Do annual pass holders receive reduced admission to other museums in Munich?
Lenbachhaus annual pass holders are eligible for reduced admission to the Villa Stuck, the Münchner Stadtmuseum (Municipal Museum), and the Jewish Museum. Annual passes are not transferrable.

I’ve lost my annual pass. How do I get a replacement, and how much is it?
Replacement annual passes are issued at the Lenbachhaus’s cash desk for € 2; the date of expiry will remain the same. (Please bring ID; your old pass will be canceled.)

I’ve bought an annual pass. Is my companion eligible for reduced admission?
No, this is not possible.

Does my annual pass let me attend lectures, workshops, and other events at the Lenbachhaus for free?
No. Please see the calendar of events on our website for detailed information on admission to specific events.


Your visit

Where do I find the coat check?
The coat check is downstairs in the Lenbachhaus’s basement; a second coat check is located inside the Kunstbau. Coin-operated lockers may be found in the Lenbachhaus next to the coat check and beneath the ramp inside the Kunstbau.

Is there a coat check fee?
The coat check is free.

Can I take my backpack/umbrella into the museum?
We kindly ask you to leave coats, umbrellas, canes, large bags and backpacks at the coat checks in the Lenbachhaus’s basement or in the Kunstbau.

Can I take a stroller into the museum?
Strollers may be taken into the museum.

Do you offer folding chairs?
Some galleries are equipped with seating furniture. We don’t offer folding chairs, but we will be happy to provide you with a wheelchair or wheeled walker upon request.

Is the museum handicap-accessible? What about visitors in wheelchairs?
The museum is fully accessible. Please see here for detailed informations.

Can I borrow a wheelchair?
Yes. Please see here for detailed informations.

Can I take an animal into the museum?
Seeing-eye dogs may be taken into the Lenbachhaus. No other dogs or animals are allowed inside the museum.

Can I take pictures inside the museum?
Yes, you may take photographs for private purposes. But please do not use a flashlight or other professional equipment such as a tripod. Please note the markings of exceptions.

Is sketching permitted inside the museum?
You may sketch using pencils and crayons only.

I’ve lost something at the museum. Whom do I approach?
If you’ve lost something during your visit to the museum, please contact our lost-and-found office.

Guided tours and groups

How and where do I make arrangements for a group visit?
If you are a group of five or more, we ask you to register in advance using our registration form.

Can we bring our own guide?
Of course you may bring your own guide. Please just make sure to register your visit in advance.

Can I visit the museum with a school group? How much will that cost?
School groups may visit the museum both during our regular hours and at other times upon arrangement. Please contact us in advance to register your group’s visit and make sure to enter your group into our visitors’ book. Students enrolled in courses of compulsory education and up to two teachers accompanying them are eligible for free admission. Please see here for more information.

Does the Lenbachhaus offer public guided tours?
As a special service to our visitors, we offer guided survey tours of the Lenbachhaus on a regular schedule. Please see here for dates and more information.
Additional information on our guided tours and other events may also be found in the event calendar on our website.

General information

Is the museum a municipal, state, or national institution?
The Lenbachhaus is a municipal museum.

How large are the museum and its collection?
The Lenbachhaus has 30,000 sq ft of exhibition floor space. The art collection held by the Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus currently comprises around 25,000 works of art, grouped in various divisions that are documented in several inventories. Please see here for more information.

Which divisions of the collection are there?
The Lenbachhaus owns nineteenth-century art and works of the New Objectivity as well as the world’s single largest collection of works by the Blue Rider artists. Joseph Beuys’s oeuvre is another focus of our holdings. Over the past several decades, the museum has built a considerable collection of contemporary art.

Do the various exhibitions in the museum’s galleries ever change?
We strive to produce richly varied presentations of the art in our sizable collections that involve the works in an ongoing dialogue. Our exhibition program is animated by the tension between the holdings that are the museum’s mainstays and contemporary developments. Our visitors can expect to gain new insights into our diverse collections every time they come—no two visits will be the same.

What is the Kunstbau?
The Kunstbau is a gallery space in the mezzanine level above the Königsplatz subway station. It is a part of the Lenbachhaus and accommodates the museum’s special exhibitions.

Do you produce a newsletter?
Yes. Please register here to receive the general newsletter.

Is there a friends-of-the-museum association?
Yes, the Förderverein Lenbachhaus e.V. (Society of the Friends of the Lenbachhaus). Please see here for more information.

We would like to rent space inside the Lenbachhaus or the garden for an event. Can that be arranged?
The renting of rooms of the Lenbachhaus or the garden is not possible. Information about special tours out of the opening hours can be found here.

Can I bring an antique work of art to the Lenbachhaus to have it restored?
Unfortunately, our restoration team is busy working on our own collections. Please contact the Verband der Restauratoren (German Association of Conservator-Restorers).

I own a work of art that I would like to have appraised by / sell to the Lenbachhaus. Can I bring it in?
As a public institution, the Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus is subject to strict rules about offering expertise about works of art. We are prohibited from examining any works, we do not classify specific pieces, and we do not make attributions, appraise, or estimate market prices. Please take these and related questions to a publicly appointed art appraiser (www.bv-kunstsachverstaendigen.de) or an art dealer.