Cheers, Lovis!

The two artists Lovis Corinth and Carl Strathmann had been friends since the 1890s. Their friendship is documented by a series of postcards, which Corinth had drawn and addressed to Strathmann between 1892 and 1916. In 1958, the Lenbachhaus acquired this bundle and now it is completely accessible in the Collection Online.

Lovis Corinth addressed the postcards either directly to Carl Strathmann or to his wife Elly. They show little drawings on the frontside, the attached texts are rather short. Their messages are somewhat minimialstic and often only consist of "Prost, Lovis" ("Cheers, Lovis") and reflect the special character of their friendship: The two were close friends, and obviously a few words or sentences were considered adequate when it came to written communication. For more extensive, personal conversations, they would meet in person – usually in their favorite bar, the "Weinhaus Kurtz". Occasionally, they agreed on these meetings via postcard.

Corinth drew his small artworks with quick lines. They are mostly humoristic, sometimes caricatured depictions of either the two friends or mutual acquaintances. The drawings and the according correspondence offer an interesting insight into the relationship of the artists, their social environment, and life in Munich at that time.