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An Introduction

When the Lenbachhaus reopened in May 2013 after four years of construction, visitors encountered a museum that had transformed itself both in its outward appearance and on the inside. The exhibition and event spaces are suitable for the ongoing presentation of our collections and a modern museum operation in keeping with contemporary standards.

In addition to the historic rooms designed by Lenbach himself, visitors are invited to renew their acquaintance with our stunning collection of works of the ‘Blue Rider’ as well as paintings from nineteenth-century Munich.

With the acquisition of two major environments by Joseph Beuys in 1979 and 2012 and the donation to the museum of important sculptures the artist created between 1948 and 1972, Beuys’ art now constitutes a new focus of the collection. His works have been set up in Lenbach’s erstwhile studio.

The museum’s holdings of art after 1945 have grown considerably thanks to acquisitions made both by the museum itself and by the KiCo-Foundation. Special emphasis has been placed on contemporary positions. Working with two private collectors loyally devoted to the Lenbachhaus over the past fifteen years, we have been able to make purchases closely tailored to our existing collection.

A theme that runs through all divisions of the collection is the artist’s rooms. The great majority of these rooms were designed specifically for the Lenbachhaus. Other galleries, meanwhile, unfold a fascinating dialogue between different artistic positions.

We seek to arrange the works in our extensive collections in forever new groups, bringing out unexpected interactions and trying out different forms of presentation as we implement an exhibition program that draws its energies from the tension between the collection’s foundations and novel and contemporary developments. Every visit to the Lenbachhaus promises a richly varied experience of works from our holdings—and no two visits will ever be the same.

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