Art Education




Wow—Look at those colors!

What do rabbits, stick insects, and many deep-sea fish have in common?

That’s right: they’re colorblind! Many of us don’t realize how crucial colors are to our world until we try to imagine it without them. Teaching students about the careful use of colors and its effects has long been a central part of the training at art schools.

Examining works by the Blue Rider artists and selected pieces of post-1945 art, we investigate the ways colors set a mood and elicit emotional responses. What, for example, is the color of fall? And what made the works of the famous artists’ group so groundbreaking? We discuss techniques of making and mixing paints and how colors are perceived in space and on the canvas.

For grades 1 through 4
Duration: 120 min.
Participation fee: 3 Euro / p.p.
Tours are currently held only in german.

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