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In 2013, the CHRISTOPH HEILMANN FOUNDATION and the STÄDTISCHE GALERIE IM LENBACHHAUS concluded an agreement that laid the foundation for a long-term collaboration. Over a hundred works from the foundation’s collection of early nineteenth-century landscape paintings have joined the museum’s own holdings, a perfect complement that rounds out the Lenbachhaus’s cherished collection.

Over the past two and a half years, an initial presentation in the galleries of the new Lenbachhaus offered a comprehensive survey of the collection, showcasing characteristic exemplars of the art of the Munich school and the Dresden romantics as well as the Berlin and Düsseldorf schools. The exhibition also highlighted an important subset of the foundation’s holdings that is unrivaled among private collections in Germany: works of the Barbizon school of artists, who revolutionized landscape painting with the plein-air oil sketches they created in the Forest of Fontainebleau.

New ACquisitions

The Christoph Heilmann Foundation continually works to enlarge its collection. Outstanding NEW ACQUISITIONS include the oil study “Entrance to the Parco Chigi” by ERNST FRIES (1801–1833), a preeminent South German romantic of the 1820s who worked side by side with Camille Corot. ADOLPH VON MENZEL (1815–1905) is now represented in the collection by a study of the view of the courtyard from the window of his studio on Berlin’s Marienstraße. Like his close friend Théodore Rousseau, JEAN-FRANÇOIS MILLET (1814–1875) was a leading member of the BARBIZON SCHOOL. The foundation succeeded in its efforts to purchase a significant early work, showing a peasant girl, naked and utterly self-absorbed, by the bank of a brook.


The collection’s cabinet paintings, intimate works of great artistic value, illustrate the groundbreaking innovations in classicist and romantic landscape painting. In collaboration with the Lenbachhaus, the foundation organized a LECTURE SERIES (October–December 2014) that introduced interested audiences to the collection’s guiding ideas and key themes, which were explored in greater depth in a subsequent INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM on “Mobility and the Experience of Nature in the Nineteenth Century—Landscape Painting, a Traveling Art?” (July 2015).


Before a different selection of works from the collection will be installed at the Lenbachhaus, the collection will go on TOUR starting in early 2016 for a series of inspiring encounters with partner institutions. The first stop will be Schloss MOYLAND, where the exhibition “Nature as Art—The Landscape in Nineteenth-Century Paintings and Photographs from the Collections of the Christoph Heilmann Foundation at the Lenbachhaus and the Münchner Stadtmuseum” will be on view from February 14 until June 5, 2015.

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