Untitled (For Ksenija)

 July 17, 2018 – September 30, 2018 at Kunstbau

Dan Flavin: Untitled (For Ksenija)


Dan Flavin

Dan Flavin (1933 – 1996) developed his expansive light installation UNTITLED (FOR KSENIJA) in 1994 on occasion of the inauguration of the Kunstbau, an underground space the architect Uwe Kiessler had transformed into an exhibition gallery. Heiner and Philippa Friedrich, New York, donated the work to the Lenbachhaus in memory of their parents, Erika and Harald Friedrich and Dominique and John de Menil.

Flavin was a leading representative of minimal art. The central idea of this art movement is the radical reduction of the visual means to the objective qualities of simple formal structures. The works are manufactured to industrial standards, effacing all design features that would suggest individual authorship. Flavin’s four luminous lines respond to the specific architectural situation inside the Kunstbau and emphasize the characteristic curvature of the elongated gallery, which measures around 360 feet in length. The colorful light engenders intense chromatic reflections and suffuses the space with a distinctive atmosphere.

Curated by Sebastian Schneider

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