Art Education




Protest zeigen! Mit Körper und Sprache aktiv werden
Workshop for kids, teenagers or adults

Sun, July 1, 2018, for kids (9+), 10am–5.30pm
Concept by Mako Sangmongkhon
Costs: 3 Euro / p.P. plus admission

Wir sind so frei und bilden eine neue Gruppe!
Zweitägige Gruppenperformance in Gips für jedes Alter

Sat, August 25 to Sun, August 26, 2018, 10am–5.30pm
Thu, August 28 to Wed, August 29, 2018, 10am–5.30pm
Concept by Martin Bogisch
Costs: 6 Euro / p.P. plus admission

All art education program is currently only offered in German.
For more information please visit our German homepage.

Tickets are sold at the cash desks inside the Lenbachhaus, online and at the München Ticket reservation kiosks.

For further information on the exhibition please click here.


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