Art for the ears and ears for art
Mon, March 26, to Thu, March 29, 2018, 10am–4pm, at Lenbachhaus
Wed, April 4 and Thu, April 5, 2018, 10am–4pm, at Radio Feierwerk

What are the stories behind the paintings in the Lenbachhaus? What do they tell us, and what did they experience on their way into the museum?

Working with children between 9 and 12, we created short audio plays on six selected items in the Lenbachhaus’s collections, including works by the artists Franz von Lenbach, Marianne von Werefkin, and Emilie von Hallavanya.

In the Easter holidays all children between the ages of 9 and 14 are invited to sample the existing audio guide and contribute ideas on how to improve it. We will then develop new audio plays to go with selected works of art from our collections. Supported by two artists, radio professionals, voice actors, and an author of children’s books about art, we will investigate the stories behind the paintings, write them up, and record our audio plays in a professional studio.

Selected works for new audio plays:

1. Erma Bossi, Zirkus, 1909
2. Franz Marc, Der Tiger, 1912
3. Rudolf Schlichter, Portrait Helene Weigel, 1928
4. Rudolf Schlichter, Bertolt Brecht, c. 1926
5. Hans-Peter Feldmann, Laden, 1975–2015

Audio files included in the current children’s audio guide:

1. Olafur Eliasson, Wirbelwerk, 2012

2. Franz von Lenbach, Franz von Lenbach mit Frau und Töchtern, 1903

3. Emilie von Hallavanya, Selbstbildnis im Atelier, um 1915

4. Gabriele Münter, Kandinsky und Erma Bossi am Tisch, 1912

5. Marianne von Werefkin, Selbstbildnis I, um 1910

6. Joseph Beuys, Zeige deine Wunde, 1974/75

Please register at kunstvermittlung-lenbachhaus (at)

Conception and implementation: Florian Gass and Mirja Reuter in collaboration with Radio Feierwerk, Susanna Partsch, and the Lenbachhaus art education team.


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